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bags for the modern mother


SHIRdesign wearing …

Its mission is to SHIRdesign trendy-, luxury and especially to practical quality diaper bags accessible to the woman of today. A product of SHIRdesign supports you in your daily activities and takes care!

SHIRdesign is…

After the fashion academy I became passionate for designing bags and accessories. In addition, I am already a number of years working in maternity care and have noticed that the demand for quality goods and affordable leather diaper bags is great. Now my children are grown, I have more time for my passion, writing the practical experiences like takeout in the design of my products.

SHIRdesign relieves …

Our vision is that SHIRdesign “takes care”. All our products are designed with maximum focus on comfort. So the bag can best support during your daily activities. SHIRdesign the extra pair of hands during the early life of your child (s).

ShirDesign community…

The SHIRdesign community connects. Always with respect for everyone’s opinion. Because everyone is unique. Similarly our collection; Each bag is made of the finest leather. Each design is recognizable SHIRdesign but has a separate detail. So together but still unique.

beautiful materials and a luxurious appearance!

exclusively for you

because every mom deserves something beautiful


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